Spend time in intensiv training in highly effective and sophisticated martial arts in our martialarts trainingscamp in Kleve/Steinburg.

  • not calling upon dexterity, strength or fitness
  • rapid progress for anyone
  • great completion for martial artists of other styles
  • immediately useable formulas


Women self-defence classes. Special elements for women self-defence. No previous knowledge required.


Cause of your requests to all PP13er : This is a pure self-defence class and is not subject to protection or observation. Stay safe.

we teach an understanding of:

  • Selfdefence
  • conduct of fighting
  • anatomy
  • controlpoints
  • leverage
  • gravitational forces
  • acceleration
  • body movement

highest effectiveness through:

  • Intensiv training in smallest groups 
  • simple natural movements
  • directly usable formulas
  • effective teachingmethod
  • supervision by former member of the BKA


Learn rapidly and gain fast progress from our friendly and experienced trainers.


After these two weeks anyone will be able to use the new knowledge and apply it in selfdefence.


Our System of Selfdefence and its basics are easily learned by everyone.


Compared to other martial arts your efficient progress is faster, as far as the time spend training is concerned.