We teach an adwanced form of Kung Fu/MMA hand to hand system founded by Grandmaster Lawrence Lee.


VortexControlsystem is a total control system incorporating scientific body weapons with unconditional work ability in both attacks and defense. Formula Fighting allows a pre-emptive attack and defense - a much faster system of fighting than the conventional 'reaction response' defenses. Moreover it is easy and fast to learn. Formula fighting correctly applied transcends current martial arts technology to evolve into a martial science so to set new standards.

The system includes:

-        Smart error concepts and selective targeting                  

-        Pressure points and internal shock strikes
-       Multi-functional applications
-       Broken Rhythm or plyometric applications
-       Chi-Sau and automatic reflex systems
-       Stealth weapons and classifications
-       One arm combat strategies
-       Fire and forget formulas
-       Inertia breaking
-       Delivery zones
-       and more


 Scientific Training For Speed (example)

#1. Beginning of action

a. You must start in a positive delivery zone otherwise a negative zone can either injure your body parts or work against the intended action and become counter productive. (Newtons 1st law of motion)

b. Create an inertia breaker, a movement that will help you overcome the inertia (resistance to motion due to gravity and friction).

#2. Middle of action (Newtons 2nd Law)

a. After the inertia breaker you must continue the acceleration with a Booster. (Like a booster rocket, an extra aid, a second stage move)

b. All body parts, arms and legs, in any move be it a punch, block or kick, must always end up in a bent elbow or knee movement to enable a very quick change in any direction at any time.

#3. End of action

NOTE: 'End' of action should not be taken literally as one should never really stop action until the confrontation ends. Our 'end action' should be programmed to an interrupted continuity as if this stage is still the middle stage.


The Three Cs - Capability - Control - Confidence (example)
Certainty in containing the opponent by a huge technological edge and a tough body and mind.

1. Capabilities - Current martial arts technologies have been transcended by total control in that it is a martial science based on fail proof concepts.

2. Control - Allows total control of the opponents capabilities making him defensively impotent. Multi-functional applications in everyday life as well as in self defense.

3. Confidence - The small, the Un-coordinated, the disabled and also the best and brightest will gain in self belief through this training.

Technological Achievements

1. Revolutionized Martial Arts thinking and design of "Formula Fighting" or "Martial Arts by Numbers" that allows pre-emptive attack - a much faster system than the conventional "Reactionary Response" to attack.

2. Development and pioneered Martial Science - a system which enables practitioner of all styles to evaluate and modify current technologies to improve efficiency and allow comparisons with proof of technologies, concepts and technologies.